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Marble House Project is a multi-disciplinary artist residency that fosters collaboration & the exchange of ideas by providing an environment for artists across disciplines to live and work side by side. Our residency program is uniquely curated to bring together a diverse group of artists to facilitate exchange of different expertise, histories, techniques and perspectives. 


Marble House Project Alumni Wendy Rein and Ryan T. Smith, Co-Artistic Directors of RAWdance perform Double Exposure at Joyce Theater's American Dance Platform



Double Exposure offers a snapshot of the current American contemporary dance landscape in a single evening‑length work. This project breaks all the rules of traditional creative roles, with 16 choreographers and two dancers. Performed in its entirety by RAWdance's Co-Artistic Directors, Ryan T. Smith and Wendy Rein, it comprises 13 duets created by some of the most intriguing and esteemed choreographers making work along the West Coast today.

Today's chefs are a beacon of hope for a future of healthy eating. With that in mind, we founded the Chef In Residency Program to provide an opportunity for experimentation and leadership. Chefs are invited to Marble House Project to innovate a sustainable culinary culture for the 21st Century. Applications are live through February 6, 2017.


watch Art-Seed on vimeo! 

During the Spring and Summer, Artists-in-Residence regularly invite the public to learn about their practice at Art-Seed. Watch LeVan D. Hawkins perform excerpts from his forthcoming autobiography and listen to works-in-process by singer/songwriter Sam Moss. 

Check out our Vimeo Page to watch all of this years performances


“Located amidst the Southern Vermont Mountains on a two hundred year old marble quarry with its adjoining home and historic architecture, the Marble House Project provides an extraordinary intersection of diverse communities. What drives this unique art residency, farm, educational institution and event space is a brilliant design, that supports activity rather than dictate it, where natural resources and the people who come together to use them are mutually benefited and enriched, where experience is privileged over product, and where humanity and sustainability is valued in service of incalculable growth. Much like the science of permaculture that uses existing strengths in any natural resource to create an even stronger microclimate, the Marble House Project has taken great care in how each stone is placed, artist is welcomed, and local community invited in. As a result, Marble House Project has created a cultural microclimate that exponentially widens the possibility for what might ordinarily grow there and lays the foundation to make such unprecedented individual flowering possible."  Coco Karol,  Resident, 2016